Leadership – A Papua New Guinea Perspective

Leadership it is important

Leadership is seen as an important driver of development.

Leadership is a crucial driver of development, particularly in developing nations such as PNG. PNG faces a raft of complex and dynamic cultural, linguistic, resource, political, community, organisational, environmental and sustainability issues and barriers. Effective leaders are attuned of the context of their leadership and their influence on direction setting, shaping strategy, effecting complex decisions, developing people and conducting themselves in an appropriate manner. Successful leadership includes many facets, such as, values, sustainability, ethics, goal achievement, empowering behaviour, change management, multiplicities, dynamic challenge, practice, relationship building and context to name some of the more exciting directions of leadership.

Understanding and developing leadership practice is key for communities and villages experiencing change. The aim of investigating leadership practice in PNG is to advance our understanding of leadership and its practice so that communities can benefit from emerging industries such as sports fishing.

Our research focusses on two questions:

  1. What is leadership in PNG, and
  2. How can leadership make a difference?

Whilst seemingly simple questions, complexity, dynamic and challenge awaits us in our journey to explore leadership in PNG.


JCU researchers with local leaders

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