One million detections of black bass movements

In less than 6 months the acoustic tagging programme has topped 1 million detections of tagged fish on our receiver array. In November our team retrieved and downloaded the array of acoustic receivers from the rivers around Baia in West New Britain. The 49 black and spot-tail bass tagged in June-July have been going about their daily lives since release, recording more than 1 million pings from their acoustic tags. Each detection records the identity and location of the fish. By tracking these detections among receivers spread along the rivers and in the surrounding coastal waters we can piece together the movement patterns of these fish.

Initial examination of the data revealed fish moving many km’s along the rivers, and several moving between the Pandi and Langa Langa Rivers via the connecting creek. We also recorded several hundred detections on the receivers in the ocean in front of these rivers, showing that some fish have moved out of the rivers into coastal waters. Stay tuned for more detailed insights into bass movements as we sift through and analyse this massive data set.

Learn about our research into black bass movements by watching the video below.

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