Economic impacts

Black Bass sport fishing in Papua New Guinea: Can it alleviate poverty without harming the environment?

The project aims to assess the potential of sports fishing to promote sustainable development in developing countries – i.e. to alleviate poverty without harming the environment.

It will focus on Baia and Uluai in the Kimbe region of New Britain, Papua New Guinea.

We will collect data from sports-fishing operators and key personnel within those operations; from fishing tourists; and also from villagers who live in areas frequented by these operations.

Econic impacts

The information collected from tourists and from the sports fishing operators will allow us to assess the local, regional and national economic impact of these types of sports fishing ventures.  It will highlight the potential importance of the industry to the economy and provide an indication of the likely long-term viability of these ventures.

Borader impactsThe information we collect from local communities will allow us to consider other impacts – not all of which are financial. It will allow us to determine if local people feel these ventures are beneficial, and if so, in which way(s). It will also allow us to assess the extent to which local people feel that these ventures impact their local environment.

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