Tourism as a Development Tool in Emerging Destinations

Tourism is seen as a development tool

Tourism is seen as a development strategy, however it needs to be managed effectively so local people can benefit.

Tourism is often used as a development strategy for communities in emerging destinations based on the assumption that it can bring income, small business opportunities and employment. In areas with significant natural and/or cultural heritage it is also often assumed that tourism will offer an alternative pathway to generating better financial returns from the conservation of this heritage.

The available evidence that these assumptions are correct in practice is, however, very limited.  Tourism can achieve these goals, but only if it is:

  1. Planned and managed in a way that maximises community involvement;
  2. Focussed on directly generating a range of community well-being benefits;
  3. Supported by sound business models;
  4. Based on systematic market research and effective marketing practices that connect the emerging destination to the global tourism distribution system and provide a valuable experience opportunity for tourists.

The research in this project will examine:

  1. The nature of potential tourist markets for experiences that can be supported by the effective management of Black Bass fisheries;
  2. The potential for local communities to connect to the tourism distribution system;
  3. Community aspirations and capacity building needs in relation to the development of effective and sustainable tourism business options.

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